Britneyspears_290 At least by her standards, Britney Spears has kept a relatively low profile lately. That might not last too much longer.

Topless pictures of the pop star have popped up online, which is just about certain to thrust Spears back into the spotlight, unwanted or not.

The photos, on TMZ and a number of other sites around the web, are are outtakes from the video shoot for her song “Gimme More” two years ago. That’s the one in which she dances on a stripper pole, and the photos are essentially the R-rated version of what you didn’t see in the video.

In the pics, Spears gives a series of smiles and come-hither looks to the camera while showing a few glimpses of her not-quite-naked breasts (she’s wearing pasties). There’s nothing especially shocking about them, but it’s Britney Spears, so all bets are off.


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Posted by:Rick Porter