britney spears lutfi libel Britney Spears will not testify in Sam Lutfi trialA judge has ruled Britney Spears will not be forced to testify in the court case brought against her and her parents, Jamie Spears and Lynn Spears, by former manager Sam Lutfi.

Radar Online reports Lutfi’s lawyers filed a petition to compel Spears to testify in response to Lutfi’s claims of breach of contract, libel and defamation. Britney, who is still under conservatorship, was previously ruled unfit to participate in the trial due to mental incompetency.

Lutfi’s lawyers argue that Spears should be fit to testify since, as they point out, she has embarked on concert tours and performs as a judge on “X Factor,” even under the conservatorship.

As part of the ongoing trial, Lutfi recently claimed under oath that Britney’s famous head shaving incident — which led to the enactment of her conservatorship — was prompted by the pop star’s fear of failing a drug test.

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