harrys law brittany snow Brittany Snow talks 'Harry's Law,' Kathy Bates, and Love is LouderWhat happens when you combine Kathy Bates and David E. Kelley? Magic.

“Harry’s Law” debuted to successful ratings last Monday night, putting the pressure on for tonight’s second episode.

“I guess you always feel a little bit of pressure, because we were up against a rerun of ‘Castle,'” says Brittany Snow, who plays Jenna, the assistant to Bates’ cynical lawyer, Harry. “That gave us a little bit of leverage, but I think our show is something really different so we constantly keep hoping for the best when it comes to the next week. The episodes, I think, get even better.”

While Jenna may come off as a dumb blonde initially, Snow promises that there’s a lot more to her. “My character definitely, from the outside, is seen as a ditzy blonde assistant who just kind of says quirky things, and she is that person. She’s overly optimistic and enthusiastic about life and things, but as the series goes on you see why she is the way she is. She kind of puts on this bubbly exterior because of the things that have gone on in her life.”

She’s the perfect foil for Harry, lending some great comedy to even the heaviest scenes. “She’s almost the voice of reason for Harry, because Harry kind of views the world in a pessimistic light,” Snow tells us.

In an upcoming episode, Jenna and Harry go head to head, which provided a great acting opportunity for Snow.

“Jenna has a storyline that’s really funny where my car gets stolen,” she says. “Her dynamic with Harry is really interesting because you see Jenna finally stand up to Harry and set her straight. They have a really great couple of scenes where you actually understand where their relationship came from. I got to fight with Kathy Bates, which was a really fun scene to do. It was such a great opportunity for me to get to really act with Kathy.”

Despite their bickering, Jenna provides important balance in Harry’s life. Snow says, “Jenna kind of keeps her in check about why she’s helping the people she’s helping and why it’s important to help the underdog.”

Snow knows a little something about helping the underdog in real life as well. Along with The Jed Foundation and MTV, Snow started the Love is Louder movement in response to the high-profile media coverage when lives of multiple teenagers were lost to suicide as the result of bullying and homophobia in autumn of 2010.

Love is Louder is all about raising the volume of support and kindness offered by groups like The Trevor Project and the It Gets Better campaign. It’s about encouraging a message of hope, not hate, and has caught on like wildfire on Twitter and Facebook.

“We’ve just been so grateful that people have connected with it,” Snow tells us. “We started it just as a little idea to get the word out there that you don’t have to be alone, and now we’re trying to develop it into a legitimate charity.”

Snow will be visiting schools and handing out action Kits to encourage teens to reach out to each other and stand up against bullying, and the movement will only grow from there.

“We’re working on a documentary and a book and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s been really great to work on that because that’s something I’m really passionate about, and it doesn’t seem like work. I think it was just so needed because so many people were looking for a way to share their opinions or stories or their support.”

Watch “Harry’s Law” on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC, and find out more about Love is Louder here. Don’t forget the #loveislouder hashtag if you tweet about it!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie