broadchurch finale 'Broadchurch' finale: Danny Latimer's killer revealedIn the previous episode of “Broadchurch,” Susan Wright — the suspicious-acting woman who had Danny Latimer’s skateboard in her trailer — revealed under questioning that her late husband had abused their daughters without her knowledge.

DS Ellie Miller later said of Susan something to the effect of, “How the heck could she not have known what was going on in her own home?” If that line set off alarm bells, you weren’t alone — and Wednesday’s (Sept. 25) final episode confirmed them in about as wrenching a way as you can imagine.

The killer’s identity — Ellie’s husband, Joe — is revealed rather early on in the episode. But the whodunit aspect of “Broadchurch” was never the entire point — rather it was what Danny’s killing did to the people who lived in the town. And the fallout from Joe’s unmasking had wide and deep ripples.

Joe, we learn, had essentially fallen in love with Danny and was meeting up with him late at night — not for anything sexual, it turns out, but just to talk and hold the boy in his arms. Ellie and Joe’s son had found out, which explained why he and Danny were on the outs.

It’s awful, but more confusing and complicated to sort through than if Joe had forced a sexual relationship with Danny. Either way, though, Ellie is devastated.

The show does close, however, with a lovely, tear-jerking scene in which the Latimer family finally gets to say a proper goodbye to Danny. After all the family has been taken through over the course of these eight episodes, they at least deserved a hopeful moment at the end.

What did you think of the “Broadchurch” finale and the series as a whole?

Posted by:Rick Porter