broadchurch bbc america 'Broadchurch' takes cues from 'The Killing' ... the Danish versionThe stars of BBC America’s “Broadchurch” freely admit that writer Chris Chibnall was influenced, among other things, by “The Killing” when he created the series.

For those of you turned off by that fact, know this: They’re talking about the Danish series, called “Forbrydelsen” there, not the American remake that aired on AMC and massively frustrated a large portion of its audience in its first two seasons (before righting the ship somewhat this summer).

So yes, viewers of “Broadchurch” will know at the end of its eight episodes who committed the murder that drives the story, along with a lot of secrets that come spilling out in the aftermath.

“It’s Chris’ story, with huge influences from actual events that happened in the media and in Britain,” Jodie Whittaker, who plays grieving mom Beth Latimer, said Thursday (July 25) at the TCA press tour. (Chibnall wasn’t able to attend.) “The Danish version was also influential.

“But I just think if this had had a dot, dot, dot at the end, it cheats the audience.”

Co-star Olivia Colman (DS Ellie Miller) says when she commits to watch a serialized show, “If at the end I don’t get a reward, it annoys me. It annoys me enough to not want to bloody well watch the next one, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.”

“Broadchurch,” which was a big and massively talked-about hit in the U.K., comes to BBC America on Aug. 7.

Posted by:Rick Porter