brooke hogan nude hulk Brooke Hogan nude pics: Hulk is embarrassed, animals are savedListen, we love animals as much as the next person… but we’re not sure why every third-rate celebrity finds the need to get naked to save them. The latest celebrity (and we use the term lightly) to take nude pics for PETA is Brooke Hogan, who unveiled the photos with the help of her father, Hulk Hogan, at the Women In Cages exhibit in Miami.

It was also his 58th birthday. So… that’s one idea of what not to give your father on his big day.

Hulk playfully covered Brooke’s naughty bits in the photos at the event. The pics depict 23-year-old Brooke caught in a cage — get it, like an animal — and we have to say that the “actress,” who is working on getting in shape for a new film role, is looking fit.

“Happy bday poppa smurf! Let’s go PETA!!!!!” she Tweeted.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie