brooke mueller charlie sheen divorce Brooke Mueller refuses rehab: Will Charlie Sheen seek custody?After several unsuccessful rehab stints, a trip to Mexico to try a hallucinogenic anti-addiction drug, and finally being busted at an Aspen club with 4 grams of cocaine, Brooke Mueller just doesn’t think rehab will work for her.

Authorities are allowing Mueller to return to Los Angeles to be with her children despite the charges pending in Colorado, but she’s not planning to go into treatment. According to a RadarOnline source, she feels “powerless” at this point and has refused the nine-month program suggested by those around her.

“Brooke has done rehab on her terms in the past. Thirty days isn’t enough
for an addict like Brooke. Brooke is calling the shots, and not
listening to her family, or medical professionals that are telling her
she needs to be at an in-patient facility for at least nine months, and
not as a day patient, as she has done in the past. Anything less than
nine months is a disservice to Brooke, and frankly, is a total waste,” the source says.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is not seeking full custody of their two sons. He’ll continue to see the boys every other weekend. “Brooke’s parents, and nannies have been the primary caregivers of the
boys for much of the past year, and Charlie doesn’t want to change that.
Bob and Max are always well cared for, and safe, and that is Charlie’s
first concern. Even when Brooke suffers a relapse, she has her mom, and
step-father, to ensure the twins are loved, and cared for.”

This all sounds super healthy and not at all alarming.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie