brooke mueller charlie sheen divorce Brooke Mueller's kids go to Charlie Sheen while she 'gets better'You know times are tough when Charlie Sheen is the best option as a role model and caretaker.

Brooke Mueller was arrested on Saturday (Dec. 3) for cocaine possession and misdemeanor 3rd degree assault after fighting a woman as she came out of a bar. The officers entered a club to find her, where they found the drugs on her person.

Sheen heard the news and returned from a trip to Colombia, concerned about his 2-year-old twins, who were with a nanny while Mueller was out on the night in question. Mueller had custody of the kids at the time.

TMZ reports that the kids are headed back from Aspen now to be with Sheen, who will take care of them as soon as they are home, with some assistance from Mueller’s concerned parents.

No word on Mueller’s plan of action once she deals with her legal woes. This summer, she spent time in Mexico, testing out a drug called Ibogaine, which is supposed to cure addiction, but is illegal in the U.S.

Perhaps we now know why.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie