denise richards brooke mueller children charlie sheen Brooke Mueller's twins living with Denise Richards while she's in rehabWe’d suggest that this would make a good reality show, but we don’t want to give these people any ideas.

While Brooke Mueller is in rehab for the 19th time (that’s the actual number, not a hyperbole), her children will be living with her ex-husband’s ex-wife. Yes, Charlie Sheen’s sons with Mueller, Bob and Max, have moved in with Denise Richards and their half-sisters, Sam and Lola.

Sheen is too busy filming the next thousand episodes of “Anger Management” (that was a hyperbole) to take care of his kids while Mueller seeks treatment.

Sources tell TMZ that the kids will stay with Richards for “an indefinite period of time” while Mueller tries to kick her latest habit. Mueller is confident that Richards will take good care of her sons, and Sheen is glad that his four youngest children will be together. Word is, Bob and Max stayed with Richards last time Mueller was in rehab, too.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie