brooklyn nine nine terry crews operation broken feather fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine': Adam Sandler heckles Andy Samberg and Joe Theismann breaks his other leg
Man, like we needed more football last night. But, dear “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” you get major points for Terry Crews touchdown dancing to “The Karate Kid’s” “You’re the Best Around” (seriously, someone Google Joe Esposito and find out what he’s up to) playing in the background during the episode opener.
Cleaning House
The precinct is in need of some shaping up, and Terry and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) are going to make some changes to get things moving more productively. 
They’re so cute when they’re optimistic.
Nothing they do actually creates any positive change. They make Diaz mad, thus blocking people from using the bathroom, give Gina a mirror to keep her busy with her own reflection, and reshuffle the location of the toaster and some of the desks in the department. The entire group confronts Holt and Terry to knock it off. Fairly pointless storyline, but we did get to see Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) wear a white fringed jacket that ended up literally on fire. So there’s that.
Meanwhile …
The Vulture is back … but in a different way. Santiago (Melissa Fumero) has a job offer to join the major crimes division, the group that swoops in to steal all of the precinct’s cases just before they get them solved. And that’s not going to cut it with Peralta (Andy Samberg).
As such, he makes it his mission to persuade Santiago to stay, while saying that it’s only because she’s going to join The Vulture’s division, but Santiago has it figured out. 
During a stakeout, Peralta takes over for a (no seriously) Greek antiquities auction, where he is heckled by Adam Sandler and Joe Theismann, and still gets his perp, after breaking Theismann’s “other” leg. Nice football reference on Super Bowl Sunday. And if you’ve never seen that footage, don’t Google it. Stick to Joe Esposito.
But even though they solved the case, Santiago is still going in for the major crimes division interview. Peralta is ticked off but admits in the end that he likes working with her, and that she’s a good detective, and basically shows his nice, human side.
And she turns down the job.  
There’s no doubt the Peraltiago flirtation is back. Yay.
Best Lines:
  • “Sorry the tear gas made you look like a demon dog at the end of ‘Ghostbusters.'” – Jake
  • “Darn it. I had a bellydancing class. Tonight was Egyptian undulation.” – Boyle
  • “You look like you’re starring in an Albanian remake of ‘The Cosby Show.'” – Gina
  • “God, we’re doomed. Boyle looks like a lesbian.” – Holt
  • Adam Sandler: “Yeah, that’s right. I collect antiquities. I’m a serious person. I’m writing a movie right now about the Russian revolution.”
    Peralta: “Oh really, who does Kevin James play?”
    Adam Sandler: “Ha, it’s a serious movie … Trotsky. But he has a wife who never wears a bra.”
Big guest stars on this episode. Four! Patton Oswalt, Adam Sandler, Fred Armisen AND Joe Theismann? Thanks, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” you guest star winner.
Up next on Tuesday … we meet Holt’s husband. 
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