mark evan jackson brooklyn nine nine holt husband gi 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' casts 'Parks and Recreation's' Marc Evan Jackson as Holt's husbandOne of our Christmas television wishes came true. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has cast Captain Holt’s husband, Kevin.

Marc Evan Jackson, whom you might recognize as attorney Trevor Nelsson from “Parks and Recreation,” will play opposite Andre Braugher as Holt’s better half when the precinct is invited over to celebrate the captain’s birthday, according to TVLine. “Brooklyn” creators Mike Schur and Dan Goor are both “Parks and Rec” veterans.

And the crack police team mishears Kevin’s last name (Cozner) as “Costner.” Imagine what hilarity may ensue from that for a moment.

For a show with a history of awesome guest stars (Patton Oswalt, Stacy Keach) we hope by not using a guest as a cameo means we’ll see a lot of Kevin.
Now we just want to see Jake’s mom introduced!

The Golden Globe-nominated “Brookyn Nine-Nine” returns from its holiday hiatus on Tuesday, Jan. 7.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson