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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” admitted Peraltiago! Now, we wait for the “will it or won’t it” moment! Which will be next week, because that’s the season finale!
Peralta gets a weekend off after busting a big case so what does he do, because he’s a workaholic who doesn’t want to spend the weekend alone? He decides to solve the “Unsolvable” — 52ABX-32QJ, the murder of Nate Dexter — and he drags Terry into it as well. In the eight years since the murder happened however, buildings have been torn down and suspects have gone senile, until they get one little new lead. Sam Bunsen is named, but he’s nowhere to be found, but they hook his wife (who hasn’t seen him in eight years, but is sure he didn’t kill Nate Dexter) up to a polygraph to try and get something out of her. What Peralta does get is a new perspective on his questions.
Turns out Nate Dexter isn’t dead; Sam Bunsen, the husband is. Nate and Sophia Bunsen were having an affair, and Nate killed Sam, disguising the body as himself. Unsolved: solved. But Peralta is still bummed. Why? He admits he’s got a thing for Santiago as the credits roll! 
Meanwhile … 
Boyle still doesn’t know if he’s going to Canada (answer: no.) He’s hiding in closets to talk things over with Vivian, until Diaz and Gina tell him about “Babylon”: A fancy, decked out basement bathroom complete with “triple-ply toilet paper” and “weird crystals.” It gets great cell service too, somehow. But Scully and Hitchcock demand to know where “Babylon” is, freaking Boyle out. Gina, however, barters to get them out of it for good, thus keeping Babylon safe for future needs.
What set Peralta off? Teddy is now Santiago’s boyfriend. Yes, the “boyfriend” label is being used, and after a quick close-up on Peralta after Santiago says she and Teddy “taking things to next level,” there’s no denying he’s thinking the ship has sailed. However, Santiago’s romantic weekend is put on hold because she forgot she’d kissed up, er, volunteered to do community outreach work with Holt. She actually lies to try and get out of it, feigning needing her wisdom teeth out. Holt, trying to be helpful, gets her in to see his brother-in-law the oral surgeon. In the chair, Santiago comes clean, but finds out she’s an “overbrusher” with seven cavities. Not surprising. What will be is when she figures out she, too, has a thing for Peralta. 
Am I okay with the show going in that direction? I have faith the comedy won’t fail even if Peralitago happens.
Best Lines:
  • “Youuuu sick son of a b****.” – Peralta
  • “Sounds like you two have a wonderful lesbian vacation planned.” – Gina
  • “Terry believes in having a clear topic sentence.” – Terry
  • “I’m think I’m hallucinating because I’m pretty sure I just heard your biceps mocking me.” – Peralta
    “No, that’s possible. My biceps mock a lot of people.” – Terry
Only one more episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Anyone want to take a guess at what the season finale will involve? Anyone?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson