brooklyn nine nine thanksgiving andy samberg 'Brooklyn Nine Nine': 'Thanksgiving' and the football game both get spoiled
Just like real life, it’s turkey time on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and optimist Amy (Melissa Fumero) wants a happy precinct family dinner. You can guess, that’s not going to happen easily.
Amy really just wants Holt to attend because she’s hoping to ask him to be her official mentor. Jake (Andy Samberg) objects to the whole idea of Thanksgiving (he would rather stay home and eat “mayo nut spoonsies” – spoonfuls of mayo sprinkled with peanuts, seriously) but Holt (Andre Braugher) tells him he’s going to go, as a professional courtesy, unless a new case opens up for him to work on. 
So of course, during Amy’s big pre-dinner speech (typed up, double sided,) Holt gets a call that someone stole $10,000 from the evidence lock-up, and he and an exuberant Thanksgiving-dinner-free Jake have to leave. Poor Amy. Even more problematic, Amy’s cooking is less than stellar (salt and baking soda are not interchangeable.) The evening ends up with the group roaming from a bar (which Amy gets them thrown out of) to the precinct looking for food for Terry, who really needs to eat. Like, really. Terry needs to eat.
Finally, we’ve get some good Jake-and-Holt buddy moments in this episode as they try to nab the perp who stole the money, running around town interviewing the most likely suspects. Turns out one of the released perp’s brothers took the money while he was in picking up his brother. But since they’re tracking the exact bills stolen, they have to make a visit to the guy’s bookie, in Chinatown, and end up reclaiming the money.

In the end, Holt teaches Jake a lesson about Thanksgiving, and making a new family (“with two black dads and two Latina daughters”) and new traditions, Boyle saves Thanksgiving by getting food delivered from a variety of take-out places for everyone, and Amy gets the chance, albeit in a roundabout way, to ask Holt to be her mentor (he marked up her speech.)
Best Lines:

  • “We’re playing ‘Boyle Bingo,’ the Thanksgiving Edition.” – Jake

  • “Yes, I received your Save the Date decorative gourd, your ornamental cornucopia, and this beautiful handcrafted card of a turkey wearing a top hat.” – Holt
  • “It looks like you live on the set of “Murder She Wrote.'” – Diaz
  • “Please, refrain from make-believe this time.” – Holt
  • “I was ordering a drink called a ‘Rough Night.’ It’s tequila with a nicotine patch.” – Gina
  • “No, no no, there’s tons of illegal stuff happening in there, but they’re watching the football game, and I DVRed it. I don’t want to see the score.” – Jake

Remember kids, no flushing the turkey down the toilet this Thanksgiving.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson