brooklyn nine nine andy samberg joe lo truglio the ebony falcon fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine': 'The Ebony Falcon' Terry is back after he puts his babies to bed
I’ve been thinking a lot about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and tonight’s episode solidified none of my musings. No more #Peraltiago references (I didn’t make that up. It’s a real thing) or #Boyliaz (that I did make up, but I doubt will catch on.) As such, we’re reminded this is a comedy, not  a romance. 
Jake (Andy Samberg) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio, who just keeps getting better) are tracking a black market ring, centered at a gym with gigantic ex-con Brandon as the leader. And with gym rat Terry “The Ebony Falcon” (Terry Crews) back in the field, they use his brawn as the “gymfiltrator.”

However, after seeing Terry putting his twins (Cagney and Lacey) to bed, they get a little freaked out that something may actually end up happening to him in the field. But Terry wants it. All seemingly goes well until Terry slips up with a simple lie to the ex-con Brandon, and Peralta jumps the gun by going in for the arrest, compromising the investigation and ticking off superior officer “Ebony Falcon.”

While Terry gets in Brandon’s face, Boyle and Peralta figure out that Brandon’s usual trainer may actually be the ring leader, and arrange to meet him at the gym later that night (without Terry). But “Ebony Falcon” figures it out, and swoops in. He’s upset he was cut out of the plan, but Peralta explains he really was worried for his safety, and his kids. Terry ends up nabbing the bad guys, transforming into the “Ebony Antelope” in the process … “brave enough to drink at the lake, but wise enough to run from the lions.”

And did you see Terry Crews’ shoulders during the boxing scene? He may be superhuman.
Meanwhile, Gina’s apartment was robbed, and she turns to the precinct for help nabbing the thief (who made off with a bunch of stuff, including a “homemade, irreplaceable” set of Joseph Gordon-Levitt nesting dolls. Etsy, get right on that.) But Diaz and Santiago have no leads, leaving Gina with “no choice” but to file a complaint about them and “haunt their dreams.” She hires a private investigator off the television instead, because as Holt (Andre Braugher) says, Gina is scared at home now, needing Diaz and Santiago’s help. They install some extra locks, helping Gina feel better about her apartment.
Best Lines:
  • “Now ‘The Ebony Falcon’ is monogamous and too tired for sex so his only indulgence is fresh fruit yogurt parfaits.” – Terry
  • “We’ll spend two weeks undercover, infiltrating the gym. ‘Gymfiltrating’ it. I coined that.” – Charles
  • “Why do you have so many Lycra bodysuits? And why do you need eight full drawers of underwear?” – Santiago
  • “Less talky-talk, more solvey-solve.” – Gina
  • “He is so strong, but so gentle. He’s like a enormous, muscular Ellen DeGeneres.” – Boyle
  • “He never takes his kids around the precinct for some reason … because of all the guns and danger!” – Peralta
  • “You’re looking at the undisputed bubbleweight champion.” – Boyle
While it was a good episode, “The Ebony Falcon” wasn’t one of the show’s grade “A” episodes. I bet they’re saving that up for the post-Super Bowl show. But those shoulders. Goodness gracious.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson