We all know the great ridiculousness that is the kiss cam. But what happens when a brother and sister caught in that video?

During sporting events, camera operators fill downtime by zeroing in on unsuspecting couples and shaming them into a kiss. Sometimes it’s romantic. Sometimes it’s awkward. This one at Dodger Stadium was really, really awkward.

The brother and sister were sitting together, happily enjoying a Memorial Day game when the kiss cam found them. Embarrassment was the first reaction the crowd got to see on the big screen. The young woman tried to cover her face as soon as she saw it on the screen. Both start laughing in that uncomfortable way. And then the guy hops up and starts running for the exit.

Of course the camera followed him the whole way.

To the Dodgers’ camera crew’s credit, someone went up and asked what was going on later in the game. When asked about why he ran, the young man gives the best explanation ever. “I’m James, and this is my sister, Christie.”


The weird part is how often non-romantic couples must get caught on the kiss cam. It’s a safe bet that most people have attended a sporting event with at least one other person not in a romance. Did those couples kiss, or did they just want to run?

Posted by:Laurel Brown