brothers and sisters sally field 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Flash ForwardAfter the disturbing season finale of “Brothers & Sisters,” in which The Senator died, Uncle Saul discovered he was living with HIV, Justin is re-enlisting, Kevin and Scotty knock up a loudmouth, Rebecca is going corporate, Kitty is running for the U.S. Senate and Holly may or may not be dead, we skip a year into the future. Of course, there’s a quick morbid montage and a Kitty-fueled voiceover first.

In the future, Sarah has really distracting bangs and overzealous highlights, Luc has become a notCalvin Klein model, Kevin has lost all his razors and Nora has a job at a floral shop. Justin returns from a second tour in the Army to find only his mother waiting for him at the airport, which does not bode well. Sure enough, Rebecca has left him, but left it up to Nora to tell Justin the news. Rebecca is awesome. Where is Rebecca? Well she’s not at home and she’s not at Holly’s. Or if she was, Holly wouldn’t necessarily remember. You see after almost dying in The Accident, Holly has been afflicted with some sort of amnesia issue where she doesn’t remember anything and constantly re-hates Nora, which would be funny if it didn’t mean there was a fat, sad Ken Olin on our television screen.

By the way, Holly isn’t the only survivor of The Accident. Nope, The Senator is not dead yet. Instead he is in a persistent vegetative state. Why? Because this show has not had a good opportunity to argue about Death with Dignity yet. Problem solved! Due to the Knots Landing-esque coma, Kitty can’t say goodbye to her beloved husband. Over champagne kisses and Parisian dreams, Sarah makes Luc promise to pull the plug on her, but he won’t do it. Kitty also won’t do it, even though Justin and the Republican National Committee really want her to. Yes, the Republicans want her to kill her husband. Heck of a political platform, eh?

There is no joy in Mudville for Kevin and Scotty, either. They’ve had two miscarriages and Kevin is over this whole baby thing. Scotty wants to talk about it, but Kevin would rather grow unnecessary facial hair and defend the poor and downtrodden children of the world. Saul and Scotty have opened their restaurant, so it would be the perfect venue for the Walker family reunion dinner, except they opt to eat Nora’s house instead. At dinner, there is no wine, which is clearly Threat Level: Orange. But after wine is found, the family is still plagued with problems. Sarah has managed to sell Narrow Lake for $55 million and wants to move to France, and everyone is okay with it, except for Justin. He lays into the family’s creeping separateness and growing distance. He doesn’t understand why Scotty and Kevin don’t have kids yet, why Nora is working, why Sarah would want to move to France, or why Luc has become an underwear model. He also doesn’t understand why Kitty hasn’t killed her husband yet, and he doesn’t understand why Kitty would be offended by that.

Kitty is offended, but after a brief heart-to-heart with Nora decides to pull the plug. All it took was a little hollering by Justin, and she’s ready to let Robert go. So then everyone puts on black clothes, they have a memorial service, parade Evan around, drink some wine, reunite as a family and smile a lot. The End. Wha? Well after a season opener that’s this weak, the season can only improve, right? RIGHT??

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