brothers and sisters sally field 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Parenting 101Kitty exists! Nora and Sarah remember this fact suddenly, so they fly to D.C. and break into her new house. What, is that weird? Obviously, she’s a spy. Also, Evan is four?! And invisible. Maybe he is the spy? Oh, except that Kitty is not in the CIA at all. She is having a bone marrow complication from her transplant and is seeing a specialist. But Kitty’s problems are deeper than that. When Evan’s birthday party falls through due to poor planning, Kitty freaks out and they have to have a big talk about death and dying and estate planning. Then they all go home.

Olivia is finally part of Kevin and Scotty’s family and her two dads are busy trying to figure out which one is Paul Reiser and which is Greg Evigan. Scotty is obviously the more artsy one, so he’s Evigan. But Kevin has no sense of humor, so he can’t be Reiser. When Olivia builds a safety fort in the living room, they have to come together as a team to enforce the housing code. They get creative, and the fort goes down.

Luc and Paige are on their own, and he is so rudely acting like a dad. He won’t even give her $50 without a whole bunch of questions. So Paige goes to her mom, which undermines Luc’s authority. Kevin eggs him on so he calls Sarah, but it turns out Paige’s issue is in regard to underwear, so Luc drops the phone and walks away going “eeeeesh.” But then tragedy strikes and Paige gets stood up for a dance and only Luc can save her. He gets in touch with his inner Dr. Phil and gives her some straight talk, and then they go and egg the boy’s house. Parenting win!

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