brothers and sisters calista flockhart 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Pucker UpOn “Brothers & Sisters”: Rebecca does a walk of shame out of a Walker bedroom and straight into her own family’s drama. Her mom is missing. The drama doesn’t last very long, as we quickly discover that Holly has wandered all the way up to Pasadena and into Nora’s foyer. She wants to see William. Nora rather impatiently reminds her that William is dead. So Holly begs her for help. Nora gives her a one-woman gestalt therapy session and then in a stunning turn of events actually takes the woman to a damn hospital. Holly begs Rebecca for some straight talk and Rebecca confesses that she ran away from home, but she and Holly lurve each other now. Holly doesn’t buy it.

Up in Ojai, Kitty is trying to find herself via the world’s longest Verizon product placement and a serious round of woodshop. After letting loose with every possible double entendre for wood, drilling, and long strokes, Jack the Plumber-turned- Carpenter plants one on the recently widowed senatorial candidate. To be clear, he’s no Rob Lowe. Eventually Kitty snaps that he’s moving too fast. Then she changes her mind and they make out. It’s been TWO WEEKS!

Sarah is feverishly sewing costumes as a trial by fire to get Cooper into some elite private prep school. I’m not sure which is more surprising that Sarah is sewing or that she thinks Cooper is smart enough to get into the school. Sarah ropes all the gay men in her life into her little sweatshop, including Saul’s new “friend” played by none other than Rev. Camden! But, Saul hasn’t told Rev. Camden that he is HIV positive and doesn’t feel like telling him either. But then Cooper quits the play and Luc has to show off his superhuman tween parenting skills and teach him how to French kiss (ew! not like that.) Cooper is willing to re-join the cast as Romeo even if he has to kiss a girl (ew!) But then tragedy strikes and Sarah’s costume rips on a fat kid and Cooper’s kiss causes a set malfunction. Obviously the admissions committee is unimpressed, but Sarah got over the whim of private school as quickly as she got into it. Some yelling ensues, as do the wacky hijinks.

Saul and Rev. Camden are getting extra friendly when Saul finally makes his confession. But Rev. Camden can’t do it because he already had a partner with HIV who succumbed to AIDS and he can’t, nay, won’t do it again. Saul has the sads, but still thanks Kevin and Scotty for forcing him to open his heart to love. No Madonna is quoted.

Rebecca has a secret. She is a super talented photographer who sent some pictures she snapped with her Verizon phone and got a job as a staff photographer with the mythical Tribeca Magazine. First, shut UP, Rebecca. Second, Nora tells her to follow her dreams …straight off to New York City. Justin is going to be soooo pissed when he finds out. But he is not. You see, Justin is so mature and everything now that he gets the fact that Rebecca wants to leave, what with her mom sniffing all that White Out to try and forget she exists. They bid farewell with a lot of aggravating Romeo and Juliet quotes. Please to get off my television now, Rebecca. She takes some stalkery long distance shots of her parents and walks off down the street. I SAY GOOD DAY.

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