brothers and sisters season 5 finale kiss abc 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Sarah Getting Married?While Sarah may have wanted to keep things quiet, Nora has decided that the perfect venue to vent her family drama is on her radio show… at the station her daughter owns. Bet she’s going to get a stern letter from H.R.

Kitty is back and is struggling with a big decision, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone until she and Seth decide… whether or not they are going to keep the baby!! Yes, Kitty Walker durn got herself knocked up by a barista. She tells Kevin the big news, but doesn’t want to announce it to the family yet.

As Sarah prepares for her big day, she has abandoned Luc with her children, so she can better fixate on how her mother is betraying her by being happy and dating Sarah’s bio-daddy, Brody. But there are bigger father issues in that Luc’s dad didn’t show up and he’s convinced his mother did something. So he’s not really talking to her.

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