brothers and sisters matthew rhys 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: The Walker CurseOn “Brothers & Sisters”: On her *hack* *cough* live radio talk show, Nora is extolling the virtues of Kevin and Scotty’s perfect marriage ,completely unaware that after last week’s revelation that Scotty is a d*** with a d***, the relationship is on the rocks. Scotty and Kevin are struggling, but, of course, they are having the entire Walker family over for a charity dinner party. ‘Cause that’s how they roll. When Sarah and Nora come over to talk canap�s, it takes Kevin all of two minutes to blurt that Scotty cheated and storm out. Classic Walker.

Obviously, Saul is not talking to Scotty, so Scotty tells him all the details of his dirty, dirty rendezvous. It was two months after the accident, The Senator was in a coma, the sassy surrogate had just miscarried, it was opening night of the restaurant and Kevin had a meeting with a partner of a London firm and couldn’t make the opening dinner. The cheating? It’s TOTALLY Kevin’s fault.

Sarah and Luc are happily engaged… well, they would be if Sarah would actually wear her engagement ring. Unfortunately she’s seen one two many episodes of “Sex and the City: The Aidan Years” and Just. Won’t. Do. It. Who is willing to do it? Kitty. She is happily schtupping the plumber, but he doesn’t want to be a plumber any more, he wants to be an investment banker again. Um… score? No. Especially because he wants to move to Vietnam for a year and open an office there. And, of course, he refuses to go without Kitty, because they have become SOOooo in love during the past week now that he has consummated the relationship with Kitty’s seemingly magical vagina.

Scotty’s infidelity is making Sarah unsure about marriage, but Luc tells her to shut the hell up and marry him, because, yeah. Shut up, Sarah. Then at Nora’s charity dinner at the restaurant, Saul accidentally hires Scotty’s ex boy-toy who immediately and inexplicably tells Justin who he is and what he did. Justin then tells Scotty that his boyfriend is here. Five minutes later, Kevin finds out that the lothario busboy is at the event and runs to punch out the wrong guy. Luckily, Justin has his back and lands a punch on the right guy. Of course, everyone watches the fists of fury, and Nora’s illustrious career takes a tarnish. Kevin goes into the other room to cry, and Scotty issues a mea culpa, but he is merely mortal.

The fistfight has some repercussions: Kitty breaks up with Jack because he’s full of hooey, and Sarah decides that she does want to marry Luc. Saul apologizes to Scotty for being mad at him. Nora tells Kevin to man up and tell Scotty the truth that the night Scotty hooked up with El Douchey, Kevin was drinking at a bar alone instead of being a supportive husband. So it WAS his fault.

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