brothers and sisters calista flockhart 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Those Crazy KidsThe Barista is kindly staying with Evan (babies watching babies, is that legal??), because Kitty just remembered she has a kid and obviously didn’t make babysitting arrangements. You see, she is taking Evan to Washington, D.C. to see The Senator’s kids …and also to take some meetings. Yes, Kitty may be heading back to Washington and, no, she didn’t mention this to The Barista. He doesn’t respond well to the news. But Kitty is up to something once she lands in D.C. It’s a mystery!

Paige is staying at Kevin’s and Scotty’s while Sarah is “on a business” trip and Luc is “painting in a mural” and Joe is “playing guitar.” In retaliation for her parental abandonment, Paige sneaks a boy into The Loft. Oh the scandal! Scotty and Kevin confess their parental lapse and Sarah rushes from the airport to tell them to relax as she heads off to kill a certain 12-year old.

Kevin and Scotty are working out the details of adopting Punky Brewster, but there are a few bumps. Namely precious Olivia is a no-good thief. Clearly, this is just acting out to prevent yet another adoption disappointment. Sarah gives the boys the pep talk they need to make the right choice.

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