brothers and sisters sally field 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Two Hours! Two Hours!After a long absence from the Sunday night line up, Brothers & Sisters is back. While we have no idea how much time has lapsed due to the time-space differential in Walkerlandia, Olivia is settling into her new home and showing off her new literacy, when her brother shows up and ruins it all. He’s been off for the last six years or so, but Olivia almost recognizes him, and that’s enough for him to file for custody. Yes, despite the fact that we were lead to believe that the adoption was complete. The adoption counselor has some splainin to do, so Kevin and Scotty haul her into the restaurant where she backpedals and covers her ass and tries to make it sound super-duper that the judge will hear the case the very next day.

Apparently Kitty is still mooning after her personal barista. Sarah gives her a dirty, dirty pep talk (from one cougar to another), and then Kitty goes to find Seth. He’s not thrilled to see her darkening his doorway, but once she explains that it was the Big C rearing its ugly head he feels guilty. But not guilty enough to mention that he’s dating one of her students. Gross! Kitty runs out feeling old and wrinkly. Also, smart. She heads over to Sarah’s to feel superior and Sarah convinces her to crash the date. Because it worked in 12th grade. No, really. That’s the logic. So Kitty gets in touch with her inner high school student and I get too embarrassed by her behavior to watch. Then Sarah and Luc join in the hijinx and I die of the horror. But, of course, it eventually works and Seth comes back to her aging arms.

Nora is still watching after Brody’s dog and denying that she has any feelings whatsoever for the man. Then she loses the dog and kills a bunch of trees postering the neighborhood. While she searches for poor lost Lily, Nora offers to invite Olivia’s brother over to hang out. Obviously that doesn’t go down very well with Kevin and Scotty, but Nora rides into the sunset on her high horse about watching out for Olivia and her needs.

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