brothers and sisters sally field 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Valentine's Day MassacreNora is angry at the world (mostly the writers) for never, ever, ever letting her find love and/or happiness. She takes it out on her listeners, and Sarah yells at her for it. Don’t worry, Nora gets her revenge later.

Saul forces his new old boyfriend Jonathan to go on a date with the restaurant critic who is reviewing the fine fare at Saul’s restaurant. That sentence makes sense, I swear. Luc is making Sarah a romantic dinner for Sarah, but it proves too much for him, so he and his new sidekick Justin head over to Scotty’s restaurant to beg for some cassoulet. But Scotty can’t help him, because he is in a full-on freak-out because the food critic is coming. And who is the food critic? Michael Gross, a.k.a. Mr. Keaton from Family Ties. Saul serves them up a whole plate of awkward… and some known allergens. Jonathan pretends he’s not going to die just so Saul gets a good review, which is pretty fair considering Jonathan gave him HIV. Oh, were we supposed to have forgotten that? I guess they are even now because they kiss and go home together.

Tommy’s nosy Nancy girlfriend– er, fianc�e, can’t stop digging up the dirt on Walkers, and she is pretty convinced that Sarah is not William’s daughter. Tommy begs her to keep that theory to herself, but obviously that’s not going to happen. So when Sarah yells at Tommy, the first thing he does is tell her she’s not a Walker. He’s awesome.

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