brothers and sisters calista flockhart 320 'Brothers And Sisters' recap: Wacky Hijinks, Part KajillionSarah’s bangs have been growing out. Sarah bought five radio stations and is lurking in her mom’s break room watching her make out. Sarah doesn’t loiter at work, though, because Luc is going to paint a mural in China, which is surprisingly not a euphemism. She plans a pre-honeymoon hotel stay, but Luc swallowed a stupid pill and his Three Stooges impersonation results in injury.

Nora makes out with Professional Radio Personality Karl in a supply closet. Since that’s awkward, they decide to make a not spur-of-the-moment booty call. Of course it’s at the hotel that Luc and Sarah are at. Cue the wacky hijinks music. Sarah runs into Karl in the lobby, but he won’t admit he’s, you know, with her mom, so then Sarah think he is having an affair. To the phone tree!

Kitty refers to a barista as very cute in a “genius bar” kind of way, which is marginally better than a “Dawson’s Creek” way, and then he clocks out for his ten-minute break and they make out in the supply closet. I’m sensing a theme. Then she hooks up with him in a hotel room… in the same hotel as everyone else. But when she finds out he is a grad student at the college she’s visiting, she kicks him out.

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