Walkers-ABC-Brothers-Sisters-320.jpgLet’s face it: “Brothers & Sisters” is all about the transgressions of the past coming back to haunt them.

Now, it seems viewers will have the chance to see when some of today’s storylines were shoved into the closet to begin with.

While they couldn’t confirm any specific story points or what years the show will flash back to, an ABC representative has confirmed to Zap2it that the show is planning a two-hour episode that takes the clan back in time.

“We can confirm that the show will flash back,” ABC tells Zap2it exclusively. “To a much younger Walker family including William, Nora and [the] Walker children. The network and producers are working on casting those roles now.”

What plotlines can stand more background? Of course, we’re thinking William Walker’s affairs with Holly and Ryan’s mother would be likely storylines. Also, will we gain a better understanding of Dennis’ issues with Ojai Foods and William?

What will the rest of the family be up to? Will Nora be dragging a young Justin to Vietnam protests? Will Sarah and Kitty be dressed a la eighties Madonna?

And, who will be cast to step into the family’s younger selves? That will be the next Walker mystery.

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