brothers-&-sisters-abc-nora-sarah-time-jump.jpgBrothers & Sisters” is definitely going through some growing pains.

As we reported first, Gilles Marini will return next season as a regular and Balthazar Getty may come back full-time.

Now, we learn the chances that the show will do some kind of one-year time jump next season are high.

“At this point, the odds are strong that we will do [a jump],” Executive Producer David Marshall Grant tells “Or something like that that would shake us up in some way.

If the jump were to happen, Grant gives a couple clues as to what the reboot will look like.

  • With Rob Lowe leaving, Kitty will be single. Jumping a year probably gets us past her initial adjustment period. So when we meet up with her, she’ll be single and ready to mingle.

  • Luc and Sarah will be well into their relationship, which could be interesting. In the last episode, Sarah and Luc butted heads over the “real” ramifications of the young hunk dating a woman with kids. Will he have won tween Paige over like he did young Cooper?

We’ve seen time jumps used before to refresh a series (such as the one on “Desperate Housewives”), but the producer says he’s not afraid of the move being considered gimmicky.

“You always battle that ‘it’s been done before’ notion,” says Grant. “It’s all about the execution. An idea can be interpreted as a gimmick but if it’s executed in a way that creates new and exciting stories then it becomes worth it and people forget it was done a thousand times before.”

[Update: An ABC spokesperson confirms to Zap2it that the time leap is one of the scenarios being considered, but no final decisions have been made about next season’s storylines yet.]

What do you think about the likely time jump on “Brothers & Sisters”?

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