brothers and sisters season 5 finale abc main 'Brothers & Sisters' finale preview: 'An extraordinary ending,' says star

We know that “Brothers & Sisters” will be hitting some high notes in the Season 5 finale, but star Gilles Marini, who plays Luc, tells us that there will be some low ones, as well.
“The way that the finale was shot was an extraordinary ending,” Marini tells Zap2it exclusively. “I watched it many times. I spent six hours in the editing rooms, because I wanted to watch it before. It was still a rough cut, but I found myself crying.”
“It is maybe the best finale they’ve ever had,” he continues.
Yet, the cast and crew of the show went into shooting the episode without knowing whether it will be back for a Season 6 and Marini tells us that was palpable on-set.
“There was a big thing hanging over our head and you never know if you’ll see the people you work every day with again,” he describes. “It was not like last year, absolutely not. It was completely different. We were all wondering, because last year we heard in March that we’re back, so it was more relaxed, ‘OK, we’ll see you in July.’ This time we were just hoping. It was different. That’s why we worked really hard for the last three episodes to make it a big bang with a massive cliffhanger.”
In the finale episode, Luc and Sarah’s (Rachel Griffiths) wedding is upon them. Yet, Sarah had just discovered that Brody (guest star Beau Bridges) is her biological father. And while she wanted nothing to do with him, Nora (Sally Field) continues to see him.
“I’m extremely proud to be part of this finale,” Marini tells us. “Whether we get married or not, you’ll see. Sarah Walker is massively disappointed with her mom. She feels like she has no identity. She feels lost about who she is. She’s very depressed, because of that. She has to get married, so again changing her identity somehow. It’s very deep for her.”
“There will be a scene when Rachel Griffiths and Beau Bridges have a moment,” Marini adds. “It is so incredibly well played. Those two deserve an Emmy right there.”
Watch a preview of the season finale below:

The “Brothers & Sisters” Season 5 finale airs Sunday, May 8 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.
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