brothers and sisters season 5 finale kiss abc 320 'Brothers & Sisters' finale: Was this a fitting end to the Walker drama?

The Walker wedding extravaganza on “Brothers & Sisters” went just as expected, because everything going awry is how this show rolls. A 180-degree turn from the Season 4 finale crash that left the Walker clan in pieces, this episode was a nice shift for the Season 5 (possibly series) finale.
The episode begins with Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) having doubts about marrying Luc (Gilles Marini) while she’s on the outs with Nora (Sally Field) over dating Brody (guest star Beau Bridges). Halfway through the episode, several unlucky turns in the wedding have added to her already fragile state and Sarah takes a breather right before she’s to walk down the aisle.
The entire episode seems to pivot on the next scene. Brody is there in his mobile home and lures Sarah in with a beer. Once inside, he tells her that the necklace she picked from Nora’s jewelry box is the one he gave Nora when they were young, the one that also once belonged to his mother. He then tells Sarah that he has always had a hunch she was his daughter and recounts several moments in her life, which he was there to witness without her even knowing.

brothers and sisters season 5 finale dance abc 'Brothers & Sisters' finale: Was this a fitting end to the Walker drama?

While Sarah never says it, we know what kind of father William Walker was. Sure, she had good feelings about him. She had been his favorite and heir-apparent to his business. But, he was also a busy person, who probably wasn’t always available for the events in his children’s lives. So maybe when Brody told her that he witnessed so many of her childhood moments, she realized that maybe there was something she may have missed by not having a father like him. At the very least, she realized there was no real reason to stay angry at him.
The series tied up several other storylines. Sarah and Luc got their wedding; Luc made peace with his mother (guest star Sonia Braga); Saul (Ron Rifkin) got engaged; Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke MacFarlane) have their family; Justin (Dave Annable) found a woman who cares for him; and Kitty, while it may endanger her life, got the pregnancy and the man. 
In her final voiceover, Nora quoted George Eliot’s “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” So, while the Walkers have always had to suffer for the sins of William Walker, Ojai Foods is now a distant memory and Nora is with the man she probably should have chosen in the first place. Could that mean the family can now close the circle on William Walker? Or do you think this series still has some stories to tell? 
If “Brothers & Sisters” doesn’t get renewed, would you be happy with this episode as the series finale?
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