brothers and sisters canceled gilles marini abc 'Brothers & Sisters' Gilles Marini says goodbye: 'I will miss my friends'

When the rumors of a “Brothers & Sisters” cancelation was reaching an intense level, star Gilles Marini, who played Luc, spoke with Zap2it about his hopes for the show’s renewal. That served as a rallying cry as fans waited for the official word to come down from ABC.
Reportedly, some last minute negotiations to bring back the show began, which we’re told our article did influence at least in some small part. But, fans got their answer when ABC officially announced on Friday (May 13) that the show would not be returning for a sixth season.
Marini tells us he had just landed in New York City when his wife called and broke the news to him. And now he’s closing the circle with Zap2it readers.
“Even if we understand that the show took [its] natural course and that already ABC gave it a great run,” Marini tells Zap2it. “It’s always hard to realize that you are not going to be surrounded with such an incredible cast and crew everyday. That is sad.”
“But I know that there is a lot going on for my career and my fellow [actors] on ‘Brothers & Sisters’ and very soon they and I will be able to talk more about it,” he continues. 
“I was blessed to be part of this stunning group of people for two years and that nobody can take back. I am super positive about the future and [want to] thank one more time ABC for allowing the show to shine for such a long time. I will miss my friends on set dearly!”
We’ve already expressed how much we’ll miss the show. How much will you miss spending Sunday nights with “Brothers & Sisters”?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog