The Walkers are dealing with the fallout of Tommy's extended Mexican vacation on "Brothers & Sisters." Nora is determined to save him, Julia is determined to be rid of him, and the siblings are determined to squabble and kvetch like… well, like they always do. But Tommy's real savior? You'll never guess who that is…

Nora refuses to believe Tommy has abandoned his family. When it becomes clear that he's done just that, she takes it upon herself to save him by getting the board to drop the charges. Nora is inspired by the example of the new director of her center (which is having its grand opening), who moved heaven and earth to get her child innovative leukemia treatment even when the doctors told her all hope was lost. Nora, the difference is, that kid didn't bring leukemia on herself. Tommy's legal troubles? That's all him.

Julia, on the other hand, is perfectly willing to give up on Tommy. She's done. She doesn't want him back.

Kitty is furious that her brothers took Tommy to Mexico in the first place, thus giving him the opportunity to flee. When Robert is less than sympathetic, she spends much of her time at the park. There, she bonds with Alex, a park father who is devoted to his kid, willing to listen, has opinions on dealing with gassy babies, etc.

Robert is pissed that (1) Tommy committed a felony, (2) no one told him about it, and (3) that this will have consequences for his campaign. Kitty is appalled that he's thinking about his political future, not the family's very real trauma — "I may never see my brother again!" "Good!" Robert replies. Oh, dude, not the correct response, even if Tommy is an annoying prat.

Sarah is just plain worried about Tommy  — to the extent that she tries calling him to say that she doesn't even care about Ojai anymore. Kevin starts out steely-eyed, but then he gets weepy at the center opening and is a forgiving mood.

Justin is pissed that this is another thing his family wants him to lie to Rebecca about, especially because they just had the 29,087,983,457th conversation about having to choose between family and girlfriend, and keeping secrets, and blah blah blah.

Rebecca makes it All About Her — You lied to me, Justin! Snore.

Ryan cackles and rubs his hands together in an evil manner, knowing this is another thing he can use as a wedge to destroy this family. Nora — why do you keep talking to this creepy, creepy kid?

At the opening, Robert gives a last-minute speech and  draws a whole bunch of press. Kitty wants Kevin to fend the press off, but Kevin informs her that Robert invited them. Then, of course, Robert gets light-headed, a doctor in attendance tells him to go to the hospital, and Robert wants to be sneaky about it. Back at home, Kitty  confronts him, Robert spins the press being there as a win-win, and Kitty gives up. No more fights. She's done. She and Julia should get together and commiserate about their clueless and/or hopeless husbands…

Ryan asks Rebecca for help in tracking down evidence that William Walker somehow prompted his mother's suicide. She's reluctant. So Ryan picks a fight with Justin at the opening, (first offering him wine, then making way-too-familiar remarks about the Tommy situation, why he and Rebecca broke up, etc.) When Justin blows up, Ryan tells Rebecca about the fight and about Tommy, and convinces Rebecca to let him into the records room. There, they find a hotel bill that shows that William was in Reno the same day his mom was — the day before she died. "The sonofabitch killed my mother!" he snarls. Slow down there, Sparky! You mom killed herself. Her choice. You want to blame someone, blame her. And back off, Creepy McCreepypants!

Nora and Saul fail to convince the board to drop he charges against Tommy. But Sarah decides to go back to Ojai as president, (which to board endorses, despite the whole almost-bankruptcy thing she presided over), and she makes a pitch to drop the charges for the good of the company. The board is dubious until Holly says there's no point in bringing down Tommy, that the danger to company has passed, and that she won't testify against him. Poing! What changed your mind? Sarah asks. We need to work together, for the good of the company, Holly says. No hard feelings. Yeah, right….

Walker family annoyance index

Taking off: 1
Not calling: 1
Being Tommy: Infinity
Annoyance factor: Infinity + 2

Refusing to believe Tommy would take off: 1
Trying to engineer a miracle for Tommy: -1 — at least she's being proactive
Admitting that "there no amount of anger that can make me stop loving him": -1
Bringing Ryan into the family portrait. Honestly, Nora..: 1
Presumably telling Ryan about Tommy. I can't imagine anyone else did…: 1
Annoyance factor: 1

Being completely consumed with his own political ambitions and not even thinking about what Kitty was feeling about Tommy: 1
"This isn't the sort of thing you can solve with 75 phone conversations and chicken dinner!": -1
"If I can't find Tommy, I can at least give a speech. Maybe I'll sing it.": -1
Bringing in the press to make Nora's center opening about him: 1
Sneering at the doctor who took his blood pressure at the event: "She's a pediatrician!" Yeah, and you're an ungrateful ass.: 1
Expecting to tell Kitty that it's time to have The Fight, when dude, it's too late for that: 1
Annoyance factor: 2

Still not picking up on how creepy Ryan is: 1
Making Tommy's disappearance, and Justin not telling her about a private legal matter, All About Her: 1
Breaking up with Justin (again) because of something Creepy Haircut Boy said: 1
Annoyance factor: 3

Continuing to insinuate himself with Rebecca: 1
Baiting Justin at the center opening: 1
Telling Rebecca about Tommy, and making it out to be a failing from Justin: 1
Being determined to blame William or his mother's death: 1
Seriously. That haircut. And would it kill him to get some sun?: 1
Annoyance/Creepitude factor: 5

Kitty, Sarah, Kevin and Justin remained mostly un-annoying this week. Shocking, I know.

Tommy wins, but is disqualified because he wasn't actually in the episode. Therefore, the annoyance crown goes to Ryan (although Robert and Rebecca also made strong showings.)

Posted by:Sarah Jersild