This week on Brothers & Sisters, we learn that some things (major demolition work) are best left to people with lots of experience; some things (running a start-up, becoming an advertising exec) are ideal for passionate newbies; and one thing (taking down your arch-nemesis) is just made for family.

Kitty and Robert
Robert comes to Kitty bearing information about surrogacy — since Trish flaked,  why don’t we go the simple, legally cut-and-dried route of hiring a womb? Then Trish calls Kitty — she realizes that all of Kitty’s questions made her think about the things she didn’t WANT to think about, but that needed to consider. After lots of soul searching, she realizes she still doesn’t want to be a mother, and she’d love for Kitty and Robert to adopt her child. Kitty is thrilled, but Robert is dubious: What’s to keep her from changing her mind again? And why is Kitty so bent on doing the most complicated thing?

Sarah and the Start-Ups
Greentopia lands an interview with a venture capitalist — and surprise, it’s Graham Finch! The Start-Ups are a bit concerned that Sarah and Graham seem to spend much of the meeting flirting. They’re even more put out when they realize Graham was involved in the near-implosion of Ojai. But the worst part is when Graham says he needs to meet with just the CFO (Sarah), not the creative types. They’re right to be worried — Graham offers Sarah a million bucks now, more funding later, a CEO position, and lots of other goodness, but the boys who came up with the idea would be out on their asses (with a check, but still…) He grudgingly allows that they can stay on a "co-founders" — figureheads with no power — and then commences kissing Sarah.  Yowza! Sarah releases his lips long enough to go over to the Start-Up’s apartment, and is shocked to find that they’re not happy with the deal. You’ve totally sold us out!

Holly and Rebecca
Rebecca sits in on an advertising meeting with Holly and an ad firm, and has some decent ideas — enough that the ad guy offers her some part-time work as a trend-spotter. Not bad! But Holly has a better idea — why doesn’t Rebecca come on board as an advertising manager? Rebecca worries about what Tommy will say, but Holly pooh-poohs that — I’m the CEO, and it’s my decision! She even gives Rebecca Saul’s old office. Rebecca burbles the good news to the Walker clan (sans Tommy) and is amazed that they’re not jumping for joy for her.

Nora and the house
Nora brings the boys around to see the new house — and enlist them in demolition work. Justin, Kevin, Scotty and Saul whine and protest, until Nora says that this is her family legacy, her Ojai — and there’s no Holly in sight! The guys agree to help — but they will NOT do it graciously (or quietly). Robert agrees to help out when he and Kitty stop by (Kitty is NOT happy to be drafted), and Sarah takes to the sledgehammer with alacrity, working out her frustration at the Start-Ups’ reaction to the offer. Nora continues to cling to manic good cheer in the face of complaints until an ill-aimed hammer blow sends a crack up the wall and leads to a partial ceiling collapse. She’s ready to give up on the house, but Kitty gives her an impassioned speech about the joy of complications, using the family as illustrations, to buck Nora up. Perhaps she should do that when they’re outside the disintegrating building… another chunk of ceiling falls, and everyone flees.

The wrap-up
The next day, the guys bring Nora back to the house and reveal a gorgeous tile wall that had been plastered over. There are charms to the house — just charms that an architect and licensed contractor  should be hired to bring out. Nora agrees.

Robert talks to Kevin about Kitty and the adoption, and Kevin asks what Robert actually wants. Apparently that was enough to get him excited about Trish again, because we see Robert and Kitty attending Trish’s ultrasound, seeing their baby for the first time.

Sarah turns down Graham’s deal (but not Graham’s tongue and, um, other bits, just one last time) and goes back to the Start-Ups bearing beer, pizza and the news about their poverty. Um, yay? What are they going to do about funding now?

Justin apologizes to Rebecca for not being supportive about the job — then gives her "Advertising for Dummies" as an office-warming present. Snerk. Tommy is shocked to find that Holly gave Rebecca a senior position in the company without consulting him. They fight, and Holly tells him to deal with it or take it to the board. Tommy meets with Saul and asks for his help in taking Holly down. Whoo-hoo! Let the mayhem begin!

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • I’m torn about the bellyaching at Nora’s house — the guys really don’t know how to be supportive of Nora. Plus, Kevin saying the day off means a day of no work? Shut it! People volunteer on their days off all the time, and it’s a good thing! But that’s kind of the point — they didn’t volunteer. They were forced into helping. If Nora had asked and they’d agreed, it would be another story, but she just press-ganged them and expected them to be happy about it.
  • It did lead to a priceless quote: Nora says that basic demolition should be easy for them. Saul: "Basic demolition is what we do to each other at dinner after we’ve had copious amounts of wine." Justin: "And you can’t mix that with power tools!"
  • The Start-Ups tell Graham that they’ve "crunched the numbers:" Graham is contemptuous: "What was the crunchelaiton factor in your crunchification?" Heh.
  • I like Rebecca, but she was an idiot this week. How could she not have anticipated that the Walkers would be taken aback by the news that Holly had just installed her in what had been their family business? Then she asks Holly if she would have gotten this chance if she wasn’t Holly’s daughter. Duh! At least Holly tells her the truth.
  • Speaking of Duh… how could Sarah not anticipate that the Start Ups wouldn’t be happy with the deal?. "What are we, like the taco bell Chihuahua or something?" Geek Start-Up asks. Studly Start-Up is blunt: "At least for a second, show us enough respect to not act like you didn’t sell us out here."
  • Sarah tells Kitty and Nora about her meeting with Graham. Kitty: "Wow, that must have been a doozy of a kiss if you got a million dollars out of it." Hee!
  • Sarah goes back to the Start-Ups with the news that she turned down the deal. Geek Start-Up: "So you really turned down a million dollars?" Sarah: "Oh yeah — a million dollars, an actual salary, an expense account, benefits and an ongoing sex life…." Geek Start-Up: "I could help you with that part…." Sarah: "I’m good for now." What makes it is how Geek Start-Up (oh, fine, his name is Ethan) is trying to look suave, and then looks so abashed, and how Stud Start-Up (Kyle) is looking at him in amazement, like "Seriously, dude? You made that play NOW?" Hee!
  • I love this idea of Tommy and Saul conspiring to oust Holly. This should get interesting…
Posted by:Sarah Jersild