brothers-&-sisters-rob-lowe-320.jpgSo uncool.

Was it last season or the season before that “Brothers & Sisters” teased a major death in the family that just turned out to be Robert flatlining for a couple seconds, then regaining consciousness?
Not positive when it happened, but it definitely went down, and on Sunday’s (May 16) fourth season finale — which we were told would leave one of the Walkers lifeless — a couple people were left hanging in the balance after a serious car pileup.
Holly seemed to be in bad shape. Robert definitely wasn’t doing well. But we don’t know for sure if he met his maker.

We do know that Rob Lowe will not return to “B&S” next season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his character is dead. 
Could there be a twist?

We had heard that Robert would exit the series sans grim reaper, so we’re wondering if that’s still a possibility.
The show’s writers definitely intended to keep us guessing with that ending and we’d just like to say, that’s kind of mean. Why should we mourn Robert all summer if his pretty face is still in tact and he could be dropping by Walker world intermittently (aka Tommy-style) next year? 
What do you think? 
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh