brothers and sisters jeremy davidson army wives 250 'Brothers & Sisters': Kitty gets her groove back with 'Army Wives' Jeremy Davidson

Why should “Brothers & Sisters” mess with all the drama of grieving? Could it be that ABC has realized that they’ve put Calista Flockhart’s character, Kitty, (and us for that matter) through enough sadness?
An ABC spokesperson confirms to Zap2it that “Army Wives” star, Jeremy Davidson, will play Kitty’s rebound guy in a multi-episode arc. Lucky us!
“He’s very different than Robert,” executive producer David Marshall Grant tells EW, “And a very different guy than the kind of men Kitty’s been with her whole life.”
After the one year fast forward in Season 5, we’ll meet up with Kitty after she has gone through all the phases of depression over losing Robert (Rob Lowe). Kitty has been hiding out at Ojai since Robert’s death and meets Davidson’s character there.

Davidson currently plays Chase Moran on Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” Before that he has appeared on “Law and Order” and “The Kill Point” on Starz. This may be a bit of a TV reunion for Davidson and Flockhart. Back in 2001, he appeared in an episode of “Ally McBeal,” the quirky David E. Kelley show that made Flockhart a star.
Are you glad to see Kitty moving on from Robert? Or, is it too soon for yah?

Posted by:Jethro Nededog