calistaflockhart brothersandsisters s4 290 'Brothers & Sisters': Kitty is sickTonight on “Brothers & Sisters,” Nora & Holly throw an engagement party and Kitty sees a doctor.

Nora & Holly
“Desperate Housewives” isn’t the only one using flashbacks tonight. B&S gives us a teaser of Justin and Rebecca getting in a car accident and then flashes back 48 hours earlier to when Nora and Holly are planning R&J’s engagement party. Holly has gone a little overboard and Nora is trying to butt in, which results in a giant white piano crashing through the wooden floor. If you didn’t see the episode… don’t ask.

The termite-eaten floor leads to moving the engagement party to the Walker Manse. Marion Ross just adds to the awesome when she reprises her role as Ida Holden, Nora’s mom. Nora and Holly freak because Ida doesn’t know that Holly was William’s “bottle-blonde tramp,” so they decide to tell her that R&J met through mutual friends.

When it comes time for presents, Holly and David have gotten R&J a car while Nora has gotten them an engraved picture frame. Oops. This devolves into a classic fight between Nora and Holly because it’s not an episode of B&S without a public family altercation.

Montage of Sarah’s bad dates. Sarah is skipping out on the party to go to France on vacation. I guess Rachel Griffiths was busy this week.

Kitty & Robert

Things are strained but Kitty is trying really hard to be the good political wife. She’s also back to doing her op-ed pieces. Robert is being quite cold to her. Does Robert know Kitty didn’t actually have an affair? They’re in couples counseling but Robert just doesn’t feel any “spark” to keep working on.

Meanwhile, Evan has a fever but the doctor focuses on Kitty being run-down and feeling sick. The doctor ends up sending her to a specialist and it turns out Kitty has a growth she needs biopsied. It’s not good news (though we don’t know what it is yet).

Tommy is still MIA

Kevin & Scotty
My favorite B&S couple is thinking of having a child via an egg donation and a surrogate. Of course, it costs like $150,000 and Kevin goes in for a line of credit, which scares Scotty.  Except it’s not about the debt, it’s about the baby. Scotty is terrified because he’s not sure.

Justin & Rebecca
Justin isn’t doing well in any of his classes at med school and finds out he only got in because Robert put in a good word from him. Ouch. He confronts Robert, who gives him some tough love by telling him how qualified he is due to his military service and that he needs to man up and handle the academic part of it. Justin storms out because he’s an insecure punk sometimes.

Justin throws himself into his studies so hard that he’s late to the engagement party. He and Rebecca fight when he gets there. He’s completely overwhelmed and now he wants to quit but then he’s just a big quitter.

They eventually talk about it and Justin says he needs to believe in himself and he needs Rebecca to believe in him too. They make a date for a picnic the next day and we jump to the car accident teaser from the opening. They narrowly avoid an accident. What a tease.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Nora and Holly’s interactions never get old for me. I love Sally Field and Patricia Wettig
  • Most annoying Walker this week? Justin. Robert was right. Suck it up, dude. School’s hard.
  • I hope we get more Sarah and/or Tommy in the coming weeks
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