gilles marini 'Brothers & Sisters': Last Tango in PasadenaTonight on “Brothers & Sisters,” Luc gets his big French sexiness all over the Walkers.

Sarah & Frenchy
Sarah and Luc have been shacking up since he got there but now that her kids are back, PANTS ON! Holy crap, Paige is so tall! She’s 11 in real life and she’s gotta be like 5’6 already. Awesome, tall women represent!

Sarah pawns Luc off on Nora because she doesn’t want him in the house with the kids yet. He immediately starts getting his sexy Frenchness all over everyone. Kitty, Kevin, Scotty and Rebecca drool over Luc while he swims. Nora and Justin are uncomfortable. Then Saul joins in with the ogling. Awesome.

Back at home, Paige overhears Sarah talking about Kitty’s cancer to
Nora and when Nora comes over to sit Paige asks her about it and Nora has to spill. Sarah is mad that Nora spilled the beans and Nora says she’ll tell about Luc too (if asked). It finally comes out that they can’t all handle Kitty’s cancer like Nora does (CONSTANT VIGILANCE).

Scotty & Kevin
Their friend Michelle approaches them about investing in her handbag
line but when she finds out how much you make as a surrogate, she
volunteers (for money, of course). She figures she can quit her job, be
pregnant and make her handbags. Oh lord.

Kevin balks because she’s flaky but Scotty thinks she’s perfect. Scotty cites that all the important decisions are always up to Kevin, which comes out at the Walker dance party when Kevin won’t be the girl and dance with Scotty. When they finally argue it out, Scotty says he really wants Michelle to be their surrogate and that Kevin needs to trust him. Kevin agrees to go with Michelle as long as he gets all the handbags he wants. YAY!

Kitty & Robert
Robert invites Kitty to a William F. Buckley tribute and she’s pumped to be getting out of the house. Nora is worried about her health, but Robert instead takes Kitty to a private rooftop dinner instead of the event. It’s very romantic. William F. Buckley was a cover. Kitty is sad about not going to the event, though. She wanted to go be with people and be intellectually engaged, plus she doesn’t want to get all this special treatment just because she has cancer. Just then… the fireworks that Robert got for Kitty go off. Haha.

Rebecca & Justin
Rebecca is fretting over Justin’s lack of dance skills so Nora tries to teach him. Luc spies them and offers his services and then Luc and Justin dance. FANTASTIC. Of course, Kevin arrives for the big finish and drops a vase in all his lustiness.

Holly & Ojai
Holly’s investment company has defrauded investors and she suddenly has no money.  When David comes home, Holly bites his head off about how expensive the wedding is. She says she’s tired of being treated like the ATM machine. Wow, bring it down Holly. Nobody’s been treating you that way, you’re just bitchy.

She finally comes clean with David about her money situation and starts crying about how the wedding is over and all she has are her stocks in Ojai and her house. Sell your stocks to Saul or Sarah and GET OUT OF OJAI! Woo! Also, now we can have the beautiful wedding at the Walker Manse that we’ve all known is coming.

Nora & Luc
Nora spends all episode being annoyed by Luc, it’s really weird. It finally comes out when he finds her crying out by the pool that she’s just been upset. She seems overwhelmed. He says it’s impossible to be sad while dancing, so they dance.  The next day, Nora apologizes to Sarah and everything is right in Walkerland.


Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I’m sorry but I just can’t drum up any sympathy for Holly. I have rarely liked her character and would like nothing more than for her to have to sell her stocks in Ojai.
  • [Kitty, Scott, Kevin and Rebecca ogle Luc by the pool]
    Kitty: Oh c’mon you guys, you have to at least pretend not to be staring.
    Scotty: Oh please. This coming from the person who sent us a text message telling us to rush over here as if the house was on fire.
    Rebecca: The house is on fire.[fist bump]
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