brothers-&-sisters-finale-whos-going-to-die.jpgThe news has been swirling for months now. Someone is going to die in the “Brothers & Sisters” finale airing Sunday, May 16 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

We’ve been debating it at the Zap2it offices for a while. Each week, we come up with new ideas. We pretty much know who’s not going.

Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths and Gilles Marini have major storylines next season. Mama Walker a.k.a. Sally Field isn’t going anywhere. What’s the show without Nora? Balthazar Getty is in contract negotiations for next season, so he’s safe.

Actually, we’re willing to bet that none of the immediate Walker family members are going anywhere. Sure, Justin wants to go to Haiti, but we’ll address that later. So, it has to be one of the satellite players. The network has already announced that Luke Grimes who played Ryan is out, so we won’t bother with him.

Here are our top four choices:

1.) Rob Lowe as Robert
Robert may seem like the obvious guess. Besides the fact that Rob Lowe is leaving the series, his character Robert has had some major health problems with his heart and his current top-secret gig might put him in harm’s way. We never put anything past politicians.

On the other hand, the fact that this is the most obvious guess makes it less viable. The show’s producers may not want to do something as predictable as killing off Robert.

2.) Emily Van Camp as Rebecca
Oh, Rebecca used to be one of our favorites. She was spunky and artistic. We fell in love with her right along with Justin. Now, she has gone totally corporate on us, taking jobs from her mother, Holly (an associate VP title with only two years experience? Please). And we’ve just about had enough of her and Justin’s dysfunctional relationship. It’s like they’re still living separately. How did she go on an interview, then snag a second round call and still not say a word to Justin about it?

So, here’s what makes us think she may be on her way out. In the last episode, Justin told her he wanted to go to Haiti for one year on a medical assignment. We also know the producers are strongly considering a one year time jump for next season. She’s probably the only reason Justin wouldn’t go on the trip. If she died in the season finale, nothing is holding him back. In fact, he’d probably go to escape the memories of her. So in next season’s premiere, Justin will just be returning from Haiti and, if history repeats itself, finally dealing with Rebecca’s loss after avoiding it for a year. Plus, that will give Holly and Nora a new issue to bond over.

3.) Ron Rifkin as Saul
Saul is Nora’s rock, but let’s face it, he has had almost nothing to do this season. Plus, every time he starts to complain about his life, it’s about being an old single gay guy. Enough already. Other than that, he comes in and out to deal with Ojai Foods issues. As of the last episode, there’s no more Ojai Foods for him to worry about. Plus, Rifkin was so good in “Alias” that we think his talents are wasted on “Brothers & Sisters.” It’s pilot season, so it may be time to put him out of his misery.

4.) Luke MacFarlane as Scotty
We love Scotty, but we’ve been surprised at how many Zap2it readers don’t. He’s in this great storyline with Kevin and their baby to come. Other than that, he’s merely the guy who cracks a joke or a frown as necessary. Then in the last episode, he randomly broke out in song. We know some of you liked that. We were a bit embarrassed for him. It was just way too out of nowhere for us. Could that have been his swan song?

If he leaves, then Kevin would have this pretty dynamic single dad storyline next season. Soon, he’ll have to get a real job and we bet Nora would love to step in and help out. We think Kevin is up to it.

We’d nominate Paige, Sarah’s daughter, because she’s, well, annoying. And her death would provide perfect Emmy nomination material for Rachel Griffiths. But, then again there’s also “We reject Luc as stepdaddy” story to play too. So though Paige bugs us its unlikely she’s going.

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