brothers and sisters kevin punch 320 'Brothers & Sisters' really packs a punch (or two)

There were a lot of punches — emotionally and physically — thrown in Sunday’s (Oct. 31) episode of “Brothers & Sisters.” 
We saw the aftermath of Scotty’s (played by Luke MacFarlane) confession that he cheated on Kevin (Matthew Rhys) from the last episode.
Kevin didn’t take it very well — to state the obvious — but the Walker clan took it pretty hard, as well. It seemed everyone had some stock in the “perfection” that was supposed to be Scotty and Kevin’s marriage. Eh, perfection is overrated anyway.
brothers and sisters justin punch 'Brothers & Sisters' really packs a punch (or two)
Here’s your tip. Duck.

The show tried very hard to present both sides of the infidelity. After Robert’s death and their surrogate’s miscarriage, the couple threw themselves into everything but each other. Scotty ended up hooking up with a waiter/ actor/ d-bag. And Kevin was a no-show at a very important culinary event for Scotty’s restaurant that same evening. Instead, he decided to get drunk at some bar.
We tend to agree with Kevin when he said, “The punishment didn’t fit the crime.” On the other hand, we see Scotty’s (and apparently the show’s writers and producers, as well) argument that at the time his infidelity occurred, the two were going through a very complicated period in their lives and they may not be fully responsible for their actions.
Have you come to forgive Scotty’s lapse in judgment?

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