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Well, after all the hoopla over the news of her leaving the series, Emily VanCamp said her goodbyes in tonight’s (Oct. 17) “Brothers & Sisters.” As we mentioned in our preview post, we thought the writers and producers did an excellent job of letting her go.
Rebecca and Nora: This scene was really the most pivotal in making Rebecca’s departure believable. If Nora (Sally Field) weren’t the person she is today, then we don’t think Rebecca would have been able to leave. After years of fighting, she has pushed aside all the anger she felt at Holly (Patricia Wettig) and has become a really caring friend. If anything, Rebecca can be assured that, aside from her father, Holly has other people who care about her.
Also, it was so smart of the writers to see that while there’s a huge age difference between Nora and Rebecca, they have a lot in common.
Nora gave her life to her children and her husband, giving up her own desires and ambitions. Now years later, she’s on a path to discover who she is outside of mother and wife. In turn, she released Rebecca from making that same mistake when she told her she should do what’s right for her.
Rebecca and Holly: Originally when Holly’s amnesia was leaked, we all made jokes about it being easy to write Rebecca out when her mother couldn’t even remember her. After watching the episode, the writers didn’t take the easy way out. Instead, they made Rebecca’s choice so much harder. Oh, Holly remembers Rebecca now, but she just can’t manufacture feelings for her. Ouch. How amazingly hurtful for Rebecca to know that her presence can be harmful to her mother’s mental health and that her mother had no feelings for her? Some of you may believe that made her choice easier, but we think the thought of it would be terribly difficult to live with.

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Rebecca and Justin: We already believed that Rebecca had every reason to divorce Justin (Dave Annable). Imagine your husband leaving you after just three months of marriage and after all that it took to get to that point. If you believe the end justifies the means and Justin’s current wellbeing meant that he made the right decision, that makes sense, too. But then you’ll have to extend the same reasoning to Rebecca’s choice to pursue her own wellbeing. In the end, that’s what Justin did. And it doesn’t seem like there’s any love lost between the two, but relationships in real life (as in TV) aren’t always black and white, are they?
And here’s where we get all cheese-tastic and post a fan montage of Justin and Rebecca. Feel free to skip this part and go straight to the comment-inducing question below!

While we’ll miss Emily VanCamp and we look forward to her next role, we’re okay with how her character said goodbye. Are you?

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