calista flockhart rob lowe 'Brothers & Sisters' Rob Lowe: 'I'm dead. Dead as a doornail.'Rob Lowe digs into dinner in his trailer on location for season four of Showtime’s “Californication,” premiering in January, in which he plays Eddie Nero, an eccentric movie actor set to play Hank Moody (David Duchovny) in the film version of the author’s latest book.

The multi-episode stint is a pit stop of sorts for Lowe between his just-concluded role as politician Robert McCallister on ABC’s primetime soap “Brothers & Sisters, and the continuation of his role on NBC’s “Parks & Recreation,” introduced at the end of last season, as a charming but brutally efficient state auditor named Chris Traeger.

“I’m dead,” says Lowe of McCallister. “Dead as a doornail.”

He’s quite correct, since McCallister met his end in a car crash, by the side of his beloved wife, Kitty (Calista Flockhart), who survived.

“I was really happy the way it turned out,” says Lowe. “I was concerned, as anybody would be, that after four years and a character that people liked so much, and I loved so much, that it gets its just desserts. In the end, I was really happy.”

Asked if it’s a coincidence that, scant weeks after the death of Lowe’s character, Flockhart finally wed her longtime beau, Harrison Ford, during filming on his upcoming movie “Cowboys & Aliens,” Lowe says, “I know! Believe me, it occurred to me. ‘Finally, that kid’s out of my life!’ You don’t want that bullwhip cracking. I’m so happy for them.”

Of course, prior to McCallister’s demise, Lowe spent plenty of time having an on-screen romance with Ford’s off-screen love.

“I remember one night,” says Lowe, “when we were shooting a really romantic scene. She was in a beautiful dress; I was in a tuxedo. It was at Disney Hall, lit beautifully. He was on the phone, and I was giving him a ton of s***, ‘I’m here with your girl. She’s hot — where the f*** are you?’

“He was, like, flying in Nebraska.”

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Photo: ABC

Posted by:Kate O'Hare