Brothers & Sisters
is back, and this week it’s all about the many loves and entanglements of the Walker clan. What with the affairs, mistresses, addictions, flirtations, bitter exes, jealous lovers, and unlikely love blooming in the middle of a presidential campaign, it’s amazing anything else gets done.

Love, sex and spoilers follow.

Tommy is determined to make things work with Julia, but, well, he’s still Tommy. That means he’s ever so eager to rub Julia’s nose in her transgressions while looking offended that anyone would bring up his own. Unfortunately, Lena is still working for him, so that sort of erodes his position on the moral high ground.

Things get ugly when Julia joins Tommy for lunch at the office — awkward! Afterwards, Tommy and Lena commiserate about how uncomfortable things are, and Lena tries to kiss Tommy. Doh! Tommy, to his credit, finally gets it together: I love Julia, he tells Lena. Then, at home, he agrees to go to a counselor with Julia. We’ll see how that works.

Lena is also in the orbit of another Walker brother: Justin is happily, hungrily involved with her, spending all the time he can with her — preferably naked. He doesn’t think anything of it until a guy at his veteran’s group talks about replacing his addiction to pills with an addiction to his wife, and the sex he has with her. Something finally clicks in Justin’s head, and he realizes what’s going on. That means he’s willing to let Lena go when she confesses about trying to kiss Tommy. 

And that’s not even the stickiest Walker love triangle! Nope, that honor goes to Kevin, who is balancing his seemingly happy, successful relationship with Scotty with the news that Jason (Robert’s brother, who Kevin broke up with via phone after Jason spent several months not calling him) is back from Malaysia. Jason wants to talk, and Kevin wants to make sure it’s ok with Scotty. Sure! Scotty says — but he engineers it so he can crash that little tête-à-tête. Yipe.

After many angry words are exchanged (Jason blames Kevin for breaking up with him, Kevin blames Jason for not talking to him, and Scotty fears Kevin is still in love with Jason), Scotty and Kevin fight, and Scotty storms off — to sleep in his car. Kevin finds him and tells him no, really, you’re the one I want to be with. Scotty asks him not to see Jason again if he can help it (family obligations being what they are.) Kevin agrees. Again, we’ll see how that works out.

Sarah is continuing her quasi-flirtation with Graham, who continues to be smooth and delectable. When a deal with a Chinese distributor goes spectacularly well, Sarah starts to unbend a bit. Too bad Graham is meeting another woman for dinner. Ouch. Sarah’s back to icy politeness the next time she sees him.

Really, the only one having a relatively uncomplicated time is Nora, who finally gets to go on a real date with Isaac. She’s adorable, he’s fabulous, and both are smitten. Awwww. I can’t wait to see what the writers are going to throw at them to screw this up. Because God forbid the Walkers should be happy.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends:

  • Kitty talks to Nora from the car. Nora complains that Isaac hasn’t called her. Kitty explains that maybe Isaac has been a wee bit distracted: "It turns out that presidential campaigns are kind of time consuming." Hee!
  • Nora tells Kitty that Lena is still sleeping with Justin — what could she be thinking? "Maybe she was hoping that Kevin was straight so she could go for the whole Walker trifecta," Kitty replies. Hee, again.
  • Now that Lena has quit and she’s no longer seeing Justin, do you think she’s gone from the show? I like the actress, but I won’t be sorry to see the character go.
  • I’m kind of loving Holly as she walks the tightrope between Lena and Tommy. She’s looking out for the business, but she also understands what it’s like to be a Walker family mistress. I loved the way she talked with Lena as she was quitting. Great job by Patricia Wettig.
  • I love the way Isaac’s face lights up whenever he sees Nora. It’s so sweet. I’m completely buying that puppy-love, feeling-thing-out, start-of-a-relationship energy that both Danny Glover and Sally Field are giving off.
  • My favorite moment between Isaac and Nora: Isaac asks Nora how she is. Nora responds with news about her children. "Nora — I asked how are you, not your kids." "Oh," Nora responds. "How am I." She pauses. "I have no idea." You can tell it’s been years since she even thought of someone asked her that.
  • I like Scotty. I really do. But Scotty and Kevin making out doesn’t generate even half the heat of Kevin and Jason looking at each other across a coffee table.  That’s why the whole Kevin/Scotty relationship doesn’t gel with me. "I don’t think you get how much I want us to be together," Kevin says. I sure don’t — and I don’t get why.
Posted by:Sarah Jersild