lukegrimes brothersandsisters s4 290 'Brothers & Sisters': The wine festival is ruinedTonight on “Brothers & Sisters,” Ryan is an even bigger jerk than I could’ve imagined.

Ojai Wine
Saul loves the new inexpensive wine and wants to enter it in a festival. The poor man’s Robert Pattinson Ryan is concerned. Holly is charging ahead with the wedding plans, assuming that this new wine will help her financial situation. She’s psyched because Saul likes the wine and Sarah is supportive. David reminds her that they are giving her a lot of rope with which to hang herself.

At the festival, the wine goes over like gangbusters. It wins the top prize for the Table Wine class. Yay cheap Ojai wine! Ryan immediately calls his shady guy because he’s a creeper. He meets with Dennis York, who says that if this wine does well he’ll never gain control of Ojai and Ryan should help him make sure it tanks.

So what does he do? Drains the wine out of the vats. Ass.

Kevin & Scotty
They have to search a database of eligible egg donors. Haha. Scotty says it’s weird to be choosing different aspects so specifically and he’s concerned that Kevin’s anal-retentiveness is going to translate to the child never being good enough for him.

They narrow it down to to a Top 20 and asks for Nora and Saul’s opinions. Saul talks Kevin down from the find-the-perfect-donor ledge and he lets Scotty randomly choose the donor because their child will be the product of their parenting.

Nora & Simon
Nora insists there’s no hanky-panky because he’s “20 years younger” than she is. Hmmm. Simon says later that he’s 47. So is Nora supposed to be 67? That doesn’t seem right. Hmmm. She goes to dinner at his house and he invites himself to the wine festival, wondering if Nora is embarrassed to be seen with him because he’s younger than she is. 

So Nora takes him to the festival to prove she’s not uncomfortable but then she’s a totally uncomfortable and weird.  And also jealous when he talks to a girl, so she just blurts out that he’s completely in love with Nora. It’s hilarious. However, when a photographer takes a picture of them he says, “Little closer to your mom please.” Ouch. Later, Simon says it doesn’t matter to him but that it obviously bothers her and it won’t work because she lives in a safe little box.

Nora advises Sarah that in finding Luc, she found the a guy who supports her, likes her and likes himself and that’s the holy grail of relationships. Nora then vows to tell Simon that she doesn’t live in a safe little box. When she does so, they make up.

Sarah & Luc
Sarah wants Luc to do the label for the wine bottle and he balks,
saying he doesn’t “paint on demand.” Oh c’mon, don’t be such a prima
donna. He says he’ll do it for Sarah but as he paints, they fight about
what’s good enough and angsty artist stuff. It’s boring and we all know
Gilles Marini isn’t sticking around, so I can’t really care that much.

She talks him up at the festival but is acting like his agent, not his
girlfriend. They fight because he wants to be creative and it’s not
enough for Sarah because she wants him to get a Visa so she knows what
is going on. He asks her to just be happy and she can’t. After a talking-to from Nora, however, Sarah decides to make it work with Luc. She tells him she loves him but he still goes back to France.

Justin & Rebecca
Justin is stressed over a test and can’t make time for Rebecca.
Rebecca’s kind of a snot about it because Justin doesn’t KNOW that the
news is BABY. She eventually cries to her father about how she’s six weeks along and that Justin doesn’t want a baby. Justin finally gets home from school and explains that sometimes he’s not going to be there for her because he’s so busy. So she doesn’t tell him.

Kitty & Robert
Kitty dons a sassy shaggy blonde wig and Robert says, “Shh. We need to be quiet. My wife may be here any minute.” Heee. Kitty is afraid for Robert to see her without her hair and when he eventually does, she cries and doesn’t want him to see but Robert doesn’t care. He says he loves her and it’s a nice scene.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get too worked up about Sarah and Luc. There’s no emotional investment when it’s a guest star that you know is leaving. Speaking of guest-stars…
  • I hope Simon Craig isn’t a three-off character. Nora needs a man to stick the eff around.
  • Scotty: Wait, is this a joke? Or does your OCD actually run on some sort of fuel that you’re out of?
  • Nora: This is the step where my son Justin split his head open when he was wasted out of his mind. Out there is the swimming pool where my husband drowned on my daughter’s birthday. Up there in the very first bedroom is where I’m nursing Kitty through chemo. It’s the very same bedroom that Sarah stayed in when she was going through her divorce. In there is the living room where my son Kevin married his partner Scotty. So this is the box I live in. It’s not med school but it’s not playing it safe either.
  • Robert: I love you… for reasons that have nothing to do with your hair.

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