We’ve all wanted to stick it to The Man at some point. This week on Brothers & Sisters, some of the Walkers did just that, and one of them folded like a cheap shirt. Plus, Justin stops being polite and starts getting real, Nora hold her tongue (I know!), and Robert threatens to warn the president about apian evildoers.

This spoiler LIKES smoothie bars in gyms!

There’s uproar at Ojai as Holly and Tommy come up with either (a) a clever scheme that will reduce the company’s debt and thus save the business, or (b) a fiendish plot to poop all over William’s memory and denigrate the family. Guess who’s on which side of the issue? Sarah and Saul are aghast when Holly and Tommy propose changing the Ojai’s name to Walker Landings, then turning 500 acres of orchards into vineyards. You’d think Sarah would be fine with that, as it would mean more wine for her, but she’s not. She and Saul storm out. The next day, Saul resigns from the company and the board. Sarah is shocked — how could he do this to her?

Saul talks to Nora, who supports his decision to retire — the man’s been working at Ojai for 40 years. There are limits. When Nora tells Sarah she should apologize to Saul, Sarah can’t believe it. What about loyalty? What about this family!?What about MY NEEDS? Nora tells her to make up her mind about her life, but don’t fault Saul for deciding what to do with his.

The board meets to consider the rebranding/vineyard proposal, and everyone wants to hear what Nora thinks. She says nothing. While everyone is recovering from that shock, Sarah sings the praises of Tommy’s leadership and the boldness of his ideas. The board is swayed — except Nora, who will be damned if she lets Holly take the Ojai name away. But at least she didn’t make it all about her. Later, Sarah tells Tommy she meant every word she said… and that she quits.

Kevin and Scotty
Kevin is working on landing a new corporate client for the firm, and he begs Scotty to attend a client-wooing dinner with him. Scotty agrees. The next day, Carter tells Kevin that maybe he wants to leave the Big Gay Husband at home so as not to scare off the skittish athletic-club owner. Kevin agrees… and then feels seriously crappy about it. He goes to Robert, who tells him to suck it up, basically. The ends justify the means, keep your eyes on the prize, insert your favorite "principles, schminciples!" saying here. Kevin agrees.

At dinner, the client and his wife start talking to Kevin about HIS wife… and Kevin doesn’t correct them. Carter approves. At home, Kevin tells Scotty the whole thing made him feel dirty, and that he’ll never let it happen again. But when Carter comes to his office the next day, he praises Kevin’s actions and says he’s about to meet with the partnership committee and sing Kevin’s praises. Kevin’s moral objections wither and die.

Justin and Rebecca
Justin is assigned to a recruiting station, which can’t be easy for the guy. His boss chastises him for talking about 9/11 (kids these days hardly remember it!) and for giving them literature and telling them to think about their options rather than giving them the razzle-dazzle about mission, honor and brotherhood. Oh, and pimp those NASCAR tickets!

A guy Justin doesn’t recognize comes into the recruiting station and introduces himself as someone whose life Justin saved. Justin gets very, very quiet. Anthony invites Justin to dinner — he won’t take no for an answer. Later, Rebecca drags out of Justin that someone he met in Iraq asked him over, and asks if she can come, too. Justin blows up.

Justin and Rebecca arrive at Anthony’s house to find everyone Anthony’s ever known or cared about there. They all want to celebrate heroic Justin (Anthony’s kids even made a sign), who keeps getting more and more uncomfortable. When Rebecca learns why everyone is praising Justin, she’s shocked — why didn’t he tell her? She tries to get the story about what happened out of Justin, but he blows up and stalks off…to a bar (although later he swears he didn’t drink). Uh-oh.

Rebecca waits for Justin at Nora’s house, and again they fight. Later, Justin confesses to Nora that he doesn’t want to share the ugly stuff with Rebecca — she’ll leave him! Nora tells Justin that he really needs to let Rebecca in. So he does: I’m no hero, he says. The day I rescued Anthony, my friend Charlie died 20 feet away from me. "The entire time I’m looking at Anthony, I wanted to snap my fingers and trade his life for Charlie’s. How ugly is that?" Rebecca finally starts to understand.

Robert and Kitty
Kitty’s in New York talking to publishers, who universally love the book and adore Kitty and want to shower her with money. No, I’m not bitter. Why do you ask?

Meanwhile, Robert is at home, arguing with a neighbor who keeps beehives. Kitty and Robert are afraid having a bunch of stinging insects next door will make the adoption difficult. After threatening to go to the President (after all, it’s not like he;’s got anything more important to worry about, right?), Robert gets Kevin to help. Goodbye bees, hello potential baby. Maybe. In sweeps week.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • Sarah accuses Holly of wanting to erase the family from Ojai Foods. Since it will be named "Walker Landings," exactly how are we getting erased? Tommy asks. Good point.
  • In the end, Tommy decides to do the rebranding, but keep the brand: Ojai Foods will go for a more upscale market with the same name. Holly is surprised, but she acquiesces.
  • Robert, on the phone with the bee-keeping neighbor:"There are children involved — my next phone call will be to the president!" Seriously? And what, he’ll drop a smart bomb on the hives?
  • Scotty asks Kevin why he needs to go to the client dinner. "Because it validates us in the eyes of the client," Kevin replies. "If, for some godforsaken reason, someone on this planet does want to love, honor and cherish a lawyer, we can’t be all that bad."
  • Kevin, when he walks in on the tail end of Robert yelling over the phone: "Wow, who’s getting chewed out — a cabinet member? A congressman? My mom?"
  • Kevin decides to share his dilemma with Robert: "You may be the perfect person to talk to. I mean, no one compromises their beliefs more than politicians, right?"
  • I’m so, so glad that Sarah and Saul quit — not because I think they’re making a statement about the company, but because I was getting really tired of hearing them whine about Holly. Either do something about it or get out!
  • I know you may find this hard to believe, but Sarah bugs me (I hide it well.) However, I have to give her credit for realizing that she couldn’t stay on with Holly in charge, because she’d fight even the good ideas that Holly and Tommy came up with. She’s recognizing her stumbling blocks and doing something about them. Good for her. And her speech in support of Tommy was a nice parting gesture.
  • Sarah goes to Nora’s house and announces she quit. "Sweetheart! Come on in, I’ll make you coming to eat," Nora says. "Oh, no, I couldn’t eat," Sarah replies. "I could drink!" And then she does so, downing two or three glasses of wine without stopping. Seriously — these people need an extra 500 acres of vineyards just to keep up with their own consumption!
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