brucespringsteen 290 Bruce Springsteen: 'Hello, Ohio!' ... in MichiganBruce Springsteen, of “Born in the USA” fame, might want to get his U.S. geography straight.

The Boss greeted fans in Auburn Hills Friday night with a rousing, “Hello, Ohio!” The only problem? Auburn Hills is in Michigan.

According to the AP, Springsteen, 60, referred to Ohio several times during the concert until finally E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt couldn’t take it any more and whispered the correct info to Springsteen.


That’s okay, America and Michigan forgives you, Boss, especially after you rocked it out for a good three hours on stage. We’re sure concert tours are pretty hectic and confusing.

Besides, the average American has made his/her own share of geographical errors. Have you seen those Jay Leno Jay Walking segments?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen