bruce springsteen paul mccartney getty Bruce Springsteen jokes about London concert curfew to his Dublin audienceAfter he and fellow rock legend Paul McCartney were cut off during their Saturday London performance in Hyde Park, Bruce Springsteen took the case to his Irish audience at his Dublin concert Tuesday night (July 17). 

The Boss joked about his London show silencing throughout the gig. BBC reports the biggest dig came when he flipped a switch to a big prop power generator and said, “Before we were so rudely interrupted…” He soon after launched into the Beatles’ classic “Twist and Shout,” which he had been performing with McCartney when the power was cut off at the London show.

Springsteen wasn’t the only one to tease about London’s noise curfew. E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt turned to Twitter to voice his frustrations about the silencing. 
Meanwhile, Jon Stewart took this as an opportunity to joke about American and English differences on “The Daily Show,” poking fun at the Queen, the London Olympics, and New York’s soda size restrictions. Watch Stewart’s “Keep Quiet and Don’t Carry On” segment below.
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Keep Quiet and Don’t Carry On
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Posted by:Teny Akay