bruce willis cover gq Bruce Willis: Sobriety, Academy Awards, and more in new GQ interview

He’s got a new “Die Hard” movie coming out, so Bruce Willis is talking to the press. Ahead of “A Good Day to Die Hard,” the actor is on the cover of GQ, and reflecting on his life and career.
Talking about his sobriety, Willis admits he’s not perfectly sober anymore, and doesn’t feel the need to be, saying, “Once I realized that I wasn’t gonna run myself off the pier of life with alcohol, drinking vodka out of the bottle every day…I have wine now, mostly when I eat.”
When asked his thoughts on never being nominated for an Oscar, Willis says he doesn’t think about it much. “You don’t get an Oscar for comedy, and you don’t get it for shooting people,” he says, “You get it for novelty, for being fascinating to watch in some character role.”
Bruno also confirmed he won’t be running for president, but joked he might be interested in something smaller, like mayor. He was asked his favorite book, as well. “Maybe ‘The Hobbit,'” he says, “That guy has created his own little religion, his own little world. And I think it was great escapism. I just went back and read it again. I always said that it would make a great film.” If box office results are any indication, he’s definitely not wrong.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” arrives in theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Is there a better date movie?
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