bruno latoya jackson 'Bruno' deleted scenes featuring La Toya JacksonThe “Bruno” DVD is being released Nov. 17 but the La Toya Jackson deleted scenes are available right here.

In this scene, cut from the movie out of respect for Michael Jackson and his family, Sacha Baren Cohen’s Bruno interviews La Toya Jackson while they eat sushi off a fat, naked man.

La Toya doesn’t seem to be in on the joke. She tries to actually field the questions, even when Cohen asks her to pretend to be Michael or tries to find MJ’s number on La Toya’s cell phone. The scene is uncomfortable.

bruno paula abdul 'Bruno' deleted scenes featuring La Toya JacksonReally the only funny part of the deleted scene is the very beginning, where Bruno tries first to get Paula Abdul to eat the sushi off the naked man and she leaves.

We don’t really see what including this on the DVD adds. Even though Michael Jackson died over 3 months ago, it still seems a bit morbid.

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