If you saw a pretty impressive Walter White cosplay walking around San Diego Comic-Con, there’s a good chance it actually was Bryan Cranston. The “Breaking Bad” star took to the convention floor in the same mask he wore during the show’s Comic-Con panel, and fooled a whole lot of fans with it.

The actor says he found an impressively accurate Walter White mask online and decided to buy it to walk around Comic-Con unnoticed. But people did notice the great costume, and asked him to pose for pictures regardless of whether he was famous. Cranston recounts the experience to David Letterman on “Late Show,” showing off the falsetto voice he adopted and screening some video footage of his walk around Comic-Con. At one point during the video, someone even says, “If that was really Bryan Cranston, wouldn’t that be hilarious?”

Of course, as Letterman points out, this really isn’t much different than if Cranston were to walk around without the mask. Then he likely would be swarmed with fans wanting autographs, but he still would get people posing for pictures with him. At least with the mask on he didn’t have to worry about whether they know his name.

“Breaking Bad” returns to AMC on Aug. 11.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz