bryan cranston breaking bad tattoo Bryan Cranston's 'Breaking Bad' tattoo shocked his wife

Bryan Cranston will never forget “Breaking Bad.” Sure, it’s the show that truly catapulted him to a new level of fame, but he’s also gone ahead and had it permanently marked marked on his body just to make sure he remembers. It was revealed previously that Bryan got the signature “Br Ba” chemical logo from the show tattooed onto his right ring finger. He says the act surprised his wife.
The actor remembers breaking the news to his spouse, Robin Dearden, “‘I got a tattoo’, and she said, ‘No, you didn’t’,” he tells Us Weekly. While Robin was shocked that Cranton got the ink, that doesn’t mean she thought it was a bad idea. “She loved it because it’s discreet,” he says of the tiny tattoo. It also has special meaning for Cranton, who says, “When I catch a glimpse, it reminds me of this experience and I smile.”
“Breaking Bad” ends it’s historic run on September 29, with a series finale airing on AMC. Next up, Cranston is set to play a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter in a biopic.
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