battlestar-galactica-cast-photo.jpgFrak, yes! Bryan Singer’s “Battlestar Galactica” film has finally gotten a writer.

“Anonymous” scribe John Orloff will be taking the helm on the film based on the 1978 TV series. But, he says, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to frak it up.” If you don’t know what “frak” means, you need to get yourself on Netflix and watch the 2004 Syfy series in its entirety. Don’t worry. We’ll wait.

According to Deadline, Orloff says that he has a “pretty radical take” on the “BSG” story, but gave no other details about this incredibly anticipated film. All good fanboys and fangirls know that Singer’s version of the space opera has been in the works for years. They’ve been buzzing with the news that Singer was all over it once his “Excalibur” film was shot down by Warner Bros.

We’re thrilled to hear the news. Sure, we’re huge fans of the show in both its incarnations, but we’re willing to admit that we really miss using the word “frak” on a regular basis.

Posted by:jbusch