bryan singer gi Bryan Singer's 'Twilight Zone' revival set up at CBS TV StudiosTV could soon be taking a trip back to “The Twilight Zone.”

“X-Men” director Bryan Singer is developing a new take on Rod Serling’s iconic anthology series, which may find its way back on TV for the first time since 2002.

The original “Twilight Zone” ran from 1959-64 on CBS. According to Deadline, Singer’s project is set up at CBS TV Studios, which makes CBS a prime contender to air the new version as well. CBS also aired a revival from 1985-89, while UPN aired a single season of yet another remake in 2002.

Although Singer’s take is still in the early stages and doesn’t yet have a writer attached, “The Twilight Zone” brand remains strong among fans of classic TV and smart sci-fi/thrillers, and feels ripe for revival.

Hopefully Singer will have better luck with this than he did as a producer and director on “Mockingbird Lane,” Bryan Fuller’s failed “Munsters” reboot for NBC.

Posted by:gberkshire